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The passion of writing
From an abstract mind, I mastered the science
A flash from my past, I had to clash with the tyrants
Where craft is to grab and snatch up ya diamonds
Small minded man can't wait to laugh with the giants
My path is with David we built a raft with the pirates
Now feel the wrath of the riot
The poor eat the rich, fuck the flash of the sires
We cerebral as that evil that's attached to that virus
My verses residue from the shit I use to pass to my clients
Way before yall was talking bout my raps is the finest
Now I'm boarding jets giving daps to the pilot
Pray to the most high, all i ever ask for is guidance
My family is private, a father before a author
I slaughter and half of my publishing go to my daughters
You cross us its go be some blood dripping on some joggers
What's a life jacket to sharks when you swimming in them waters
Every synonym for lawless, we embraced it
Pain from the pavement, dangerous language, brave and abrasive
Days in the basement, paging these statements, paid me with patience
Always props to Big Proof and definitely giving praises to Famous
I'm self motivated, peaceful but volatile where the vultures waiting
Treat every opportunity like loaded bases
The streets is so persuasive
The results is the reason that my flows contagious
I just give yall the coping stages, vinyl with Copenhagen
No complaining the outcome of the route run
Sometimes you lose battles before the crown come
Now crown us

Rappers dropping Jim Duggan weapons
I'm so far ahead my competition is having fun in 2nd
The path less travel always come with blessings
Meticulous double checking with a 100 questions
Mental I'm never unprotected
I found fortunes in my failures now I'm outsourcing to Australia
Corporate business deals with the enforcers and the traders
My movie uncut you can see the tortures in the trailer
A portion of my paper go to less fortuned and unfavored
I prayed for this, this very moment imma own it
I heard the omens and move accordingly
I'm self made and nobody is extorting me
Crown us cordially fore I get disorderly
Got the lawyer fee


from Fluorescent Mud Produced By Sebb Bash, released August 19, 2022


all rights reserved



Ty Farris Detroit

Ty Farris is one of the Top Tier lyricists in the underground hip hop wave. Producers such as Apollo Brown, Black Milk, Big Ghost, Stu Bangas and other boom bap specialists. Hip Hop at its finest! Displaying high quality songs and content with wordplay and stories! ... more

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