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Fluorescent Mud Produced By Sebb Bash

by Ty Farris

Authentic rear stitches you Niggas replicas Think thirty times before you step to us Expensive hitman shooting out the Teslas So if you test we ain't fake fighting like no wrestlers This the main event you niggas undercards The streets left my heart with hundred scars No small talk when the gun is large Maybe even give you a running start Bullets humming with the strength of a hummer charge Two thousand miles an hour might hit you and flip your body a couple yards Body bag the beat flow deadly as the seven sins Me and Sebb Bash bashing heads again This a recipe with the special blend Check the results I'm known for checking chins For as Detroit I'm well known for getting my weapon in From a block that bred goons end up dead Or with some head wounds I'm the lonewolf howling at the red moon Your baby mama sex slave in my master bedroom It ain't rocket science bozo you should that figure one out Survive black clouds so you can expect the reign is coming You can hate till you blue in the face but that's not changing nothing The topic is profit off bars you ain't in the same discussion Y'all follow footsteps in the sand nigga my lane is custom My favorite cousin get to cuzzin' he aiming AK's that's Russian Grandma cried her eyes red when she found out I was shaving onions. Bless her soul but I was raised in a reckless home Moms did drugs so stones was like my stepping stone Connect with souls I'm not here to impress the flesh and bones Grew up around niggas imitating mafia Joe Pesci roles Alone with chrome as a stroll down this sketchy road Like a hacker that failed breaching the system you got a respect the code Gold on my chest worth a couple K's Lines over your head like you brushing waves Please tell the competition I already dug the graves After this verse I'm a give myself another raise I think I deserve that
Mental Tats 02:49
We on a whole nother level with this shit now You know what i'm saying This is greatness straight from 6 Mile Where clips flip smiles I spit crowns over synth sounds You outta breathe by the 5th round, nigga sit down This a marathon you sprinting with bad reception They blast wessons, you fake thuggin is your last impression You ain't the boss that you thought if you can't pass a blessing Laughed at lessons, now lack in intregity in the masters presence I rather grab ya fuckin neck, fore i grab a weapon Thats the way im built, braveheart under a plate of steel Life's a game of dice my nigga I just play the field It's like a old school gangsta move im just staying reel (Real) State the truth, I take the booth like a sabertooth If you see me holding a piece (Peace) it aint to make a truce Off my rocker, malicious mindstate since a fly weight Betting horses running 5/8's at a fine pace This verse might help boost the crime rate Ayo lil ant ant I told these niggas Aint want no smoke with me out here Back in the day, you get a backhand or jab to the face Interactions with snakes get manhandled if I pass them to Nate I attack raps with the passion of Sebb grabbing a crate Was a crumb snatcher, now my raps help batter the cake Ya career on a pier, bouta take a splash in the lake With cement shoes, here's a straw for a breathing tube Im mean and rude, a heeven goon if you breach the rules I dream with tools, no ones immune to how the demons move Everytime you rap a verse nigga ya nose grow Coincidence I upgraded the .38 to .44 I got a different train of thought when I approach a track Emotions, facts, promote soldiers and expose the wack My music go live longer than me So I don't compromise, my name won't erode in the D I just crack the Davinci code using the code of the streets Still cold blooded highway to heaven Im holding ya seat Peace This a meeting of the gods Where the real niggas thrive with our mind to survive Commit crimes if we have to Use the ink to remember mental tattoos It's like them shits embedded in my brain and the pen release them You know what i'm saying man This a meeting of the gods Where the real niggas thrive with our mind to survive Commit crimes if we have to Use the ink to remember mental tattoos Nobody better than my daddy and I mean that Yeahhhhhh damn right
Crown Us 02:32
The passion of writing From an abstract mind, I mastered the science A flash from my past, I had to clash with the tyrants Where craft is to grab and snatch up ya diamonds Small minded man can't wait to laugh with the giants My path is with David we built a raft with the pirates Now feel the wrath of the riot The poor eat the rich, fuck the flash of the sires We cerebral as that evil that's attached to that virus My verses residue from the shit I use to pass to my clients Way before yall was talking bout my raps is the finest Now I'm boarding jets giving daps to the pilot Pray to the most high, all i ever ask for is guidance My family is private, a father before a author I slaughter and half of my publishing go to my daughters You cross us its go be some blood dripping on some joggers What's a life jacket to sharks when you swimming in them waters Every synonym for lawless, we embraced it Pain from the pavement, dangerous language, brave and abrasive Days in the basement, paging these statements, paid me with patience Always props to Big Proof and definitely giving praises to Famous I'm self motivated, peaceful but volatile where the vultures waiting Treat every opportunity like loaded bases The streets is so persuasive The results is the reason that my flows contagious I just give yall the coping stages, vinyl with Copenhagen No complaining the outcome of the route run Sometimes you lose battles before the crown come Now crown us Rappers dropping Jim Duggan weapons I'm so far ahead my competition is having fun in 2nd The path less travel always come with blessings Meticulous double checking with a 100 questions Mental I'm never unprotected I found fortunes in my failures now I'm outsourcing to Australia Corporate business deals with the enforcers and the traders My movie uncut you can see the tortures in the trailer A portion of my paper go to less fortuned and unfavored I prayed for this, this very moment imma own it I heard the omens and move accordingly I'm self made and nobody is extorting me Crown us cordially fore I get disorderly Got the lawyer fee
Ayo, picture painter that live in danger malicious neighbors Visions tainted, visualize the villains faces The deal with anger, aggressively heart rhythm changing You talking tough, but German Rugers Speak a different language I point you out, I promise I won't have to lift a finger Im in the lab just imagine Jigsaw's living chambers Take some listens to get the layers, what I pen on paper Im from the mold where its consequnces if you late with bread Punch a nigga, watch him wobble wobble and stanky leg Wish me luck when im stomping I hope i break a leg Or Scott Hall with the brawl, hit with the razors edge I'm sick as the thoughts While you running that run thru Jason's head Well connected pull a couple strings like the Grateful Dead Take the pledge to remain ill like I didn't take my meds Higher learning knowing Its a lot of Remy's that dont shave they head Yall social media tough, my cloth is a different thread Thats a fact nigga We create the waves Make sure we don't sound like nothing A bunch of clones in a cipher tryna have a discussion And im disgusted You niggas trash where's the garbage can? How dare you say these niggas is nice man You should jump in the trash can with all yall fans nigga Niggas ducking smoke like the house is on fire Fresh kicks in your face like Ronda Rousey on the flyer Im from the mud you niggas come from bubble baths No troubled past, I was with crack dealers Cutting class hustling bags I'm in the jungle like David Attenborough That's why my raps is thorough With a bitch with ass and curves and classic curl Ya chicks a freak like Stifler's mom, young Bishop Don Itchy palms like when the Cavalier's picked Lebron A sure bet, tours next, store reps Look forward to what I record next Think like Nike its just more checks From doorsteps seen street war vets in gore-tex Smiling as bullets tore flesh I was torn but was born to be this narrator Humbled and grounded I never air favors Air Penny's in rare flavors Once in a lifetime greatness how could you dare hate us Unbelievable we international you regional You niggas trash where's the garbage can? How dare you say these niggas is nice man You should jump in the trash can with all yall fans nigga You should be endorsed by glad bags nigga Get the fuck out my face
Bars Over Bs Where the dialouge is deadly Sebb Bash Let's Do This Shit Ayo I was seasoned for this please let that marinate Product of a broken home had to share the plates Good thing my skin was tougher than a pair snakes Use to carry shanks, load my deuce deuce up and stare at banks The risk for rewards I was prepared to take Good thing that didnt detonate Now I'm in Birmingham, Michigan sipping wine with a cherry taste While the top chef prepare the steaks With a chick saying she could have married Blake Later on, imma be holding that bitch head Like the free throws that Rick Barry take My flow the goldmine Think like the first line off Phone Time Swiming in the crime wave the coke fiends use to nose dive (Wooooo) In the deep waters of addiction, they was enlisted Cuz it was family traditions, generations of niggas twitching Yall niggs tripping, thinking Jordan woulda won all them chips without Pippen See that's the difference Im'ma team player when most of these niggas is selfish Haters jeolous they get found with shellfish or Elvis I need blue notes like Harold Melvin, smell me? I don't think yall catch the drift Yall look like some sloths trying to catch a fish I take pride providing the young minds with investment tips Conversations priceless where price tags on niggas head just like Isis Home of the ice grill, plenty violence Hear the sirens, a dopedealer dead left with all his diamonds Killed by a private the hit was sanction by a tyrant I move in silence just me and a firearm Clearly I'm prepared for the deadly dialouge Where the dialouge is deadly You can run but can't hide Its nowhere to go Where the dialouge is deadly Only the strong go survive Yeah See niggas talk with machines To leave niggas on machines talking Watch your words And more importantly my nigga Watch ya back The first score of my life, it was cold as ice I was cornered to fight A pitbull could be nice until you provoke him to bite, right? No job I had to report to the nights Now I record what I write I'm nice like a young Chuck Norris with knifes Lifes gamble I had to roll I couldn't forfeit the dice A portion of my fortunes came from exploiting some wives I ain't gotta lie to yall, crack packs the same size as Tylenol's Adolescent years now it's 3 point 5's off blow inside the bars Street arguments no arbitror The pump in the front of the car with me Just like the carbonator Self preservation first law of nature Deep waters with the sharks and gators I call them neighbors Most niggas flaws is the broads they favor Hometown of the heartless haters Convos cause the conflict Sign to the streets but clearly I didn't read the fine print Was so poor I use to have to steal so I could pawn shit Now everytime I drop a verse my palm itch Where the dialouge is deadly You can run but can't hide Where the dialouge is deadly Only the strong go survive
Con Uno 01:33
One of the illest ever my pen is better Conditioned clever black clouds Malicious weather Fricitious tellers Rappers rocking they bitches sweaters My name synonmous when they mention terror While yall was on timeout I was sipping Cris with Webber These peasants don't deserve the crumbs Your bars bland covid effect Another worthless tongue This wave is like a church of bums Each verse is ummmmm Me losing nigga Have you ever seen a turtle run Ya twitter rants is like a field of ants to elephants The most benevolent but if you cross I'm a terrorist One of the scariest I stare at you You might need a therapist Your irrelvant as the 10th man on the Pelicans Desert Eagles for ego and arrogance I'm superbad like Tony Harrison Most of yall got cosigns its embarrassing And still can't compare to this A pair 5th's no Dikembe You'll be hanging out with Ghost Like Lorenz Tate This the power of Shaq Making the rim break You a thin steak to a butchers knife Lifes a gamble and I took the dice And let them roll I let them roll
Poverty prisons where we was serving time Turned to crime, an empty stomach use to hurt my side Learned to grind no google I had to search my mind The turf aint kind A friend face ya first shirt design Pay attention to red flags like a matador My path was poor Blood baths in the wrath of war When they on ya poach with them mags You can't slam the door No witnesses, sometime that life lost is innocent I was diligent where bags and pipes was the instruments Where niggas a cross lines Quicker then illegal immagriants Them hungry nights I use to write Made me this lyricist Gave me this inner strength This aint no video game you Cyberpunks Life punch me wit the strength of a Zion dunk Lounging where the lions hunt Empty fridge when it was full Filled with the filthy pigs A nightmare cuz the OG's know you can't pinch the kids Let me feed the kids This just a spoon full of that real shit You know what I'm saying Incase you ever come into that fork in the road Don't let that fly over ya head Hope you copy that The picture was black and white Antenna's missing Picture my face in the projects homie It was written No church choir could lift my spirit Life was cutthroat Im a lightskin nigga thats done playing just like Nutso The inside of the ground got infinite real estate Where meals is minimum When we finish eating we would lick the plates Savor the moment Enter the brains of the bravest of soldiers Street fighters are first fighters Was over video game controllers Raised as poachers The stomach pain made of innovative Now I'm in the lab with pen and paper Burning sage I can hear the natives I listen close as a kid I can hear the crawl of a roach Two nights without eating My story break the heart of ghost I make music you vision just close ya eyes I'm a capricorn, goat design how I approach the rhymes No more smoking swine Read how to eat to live Knowledge and experience Is what im here to leave the kids Now let me feed the kids
Immortalized 03:00


released August 19, 2022

Produced By Sebb Bash
Mixed & Mastered By Philippe Weiss
Artwork By Alex Lala


all rights reserved



Ty Farris Detroit

Ty Farris is one of the Top Tier lyricists in the underground hip hop wave. Producers such as Apollo Brown, Black Milk, Big Ghost, Stu Bangas and other boom bap specialists. Hip Hop at its finest! Displaying high quality songs and content with wordplay and stories! ... more

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