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Bars Over Bs
Where the dialouge is deadly
Sebb Bash
Let's Do This Shit Ayo

I was seasoned for this please let that marinate
Product of a broken home had to share the plates
Good thing my skin was tougher than a pair snakes
Use to carry shanks, load my deuce deuce up and stare at banks
The risk for rewards I was prepared to take
Good thing that didnt detonate
Now I'm in Birmingham, Michigan sipping wine with a cherry taste
While the top chef prepare the steaks
With a chick saying she could have married Blake
Later on, imma be holding that bitch head
Like the free throws that Rick Barry take
My flow the goldmine
Think like the first line off Phone Time
Swiming in the crime wave the coke fiends use to nose dive
In the deep waters of addiction, they was enlisted
Cuz it was family traditions, generations of niggas twitching
Yall niggs tripping, thinking Jordan woulda won all them chips without Pippen
See that's the difference
Im'ma team player when most of these niggas is selfish
Haters jeolous they get found with shellfish or Elvis
I need blue notes like Harold Melvin, smell me?
I don't think yall catch the drift
Yall look like some sloths trying to catch a fish
I take pride providing the young minds with investment tips
Conversations priceless where price tags on niggas head just like Isis
Home of the ice grill, plenty violence
Hear the sirens, a dopedealer dead left with all his diamonds
Killed by a private the hit was sanction by a tyrant
I move in silence just me and a firearm
Clearly I'm prepared for the deadly dialouge

Where the dialouge is deadly
You can run but can't hide
Its nowhere to go

Where the dialouge is deadly
Only the strong go survive

See niggas talk with machines
To leave niggas on machines talking
Watch your words
And more importantly my nigga
Watch ya back

The first score of my life, it was cold as ice
I was cornered to fight
A pitbull could be nice until you provoke him to bite, right?
No job I had to report to the nights
Now I record what I write
I'm nice like a young Chuck Norris with knifes
Lifes gamble I had to roll I couldn't forfeit the dice
A portion of my fortunes came from exploiting some wives
I ain't gotta lie to yall, crack packs the same size as Tylenol's
Adolescent years now it's 3 point 5's off blow inside the bars
Street arguments no arbitror
The pump in the front of the car with me
Just like the carbonator
Self preservation first law of nature
Deep waters with the sharks and gators I call them neighbors
Most niggas flaws is the broads they favor
Hometown of the heartless haters
Convos cause the conflict
Sign to the streets but clearly I didn't read the fine print
Was so poor I use to have to steal so I could pawn shit
Now everytime I drop a verse my palm itch

Where the dialouge is deadly
You can run but can't hide

Where the dialouge is deadly
Only the strong go survive


from Fluorescent Mud Produced By Sebb Bash, released August 19, 2022


all rights reserved



Ty Farris Detroit

Ty Farris is one of the Top Tier lyricists in the underground hip hop wave. Producers such as Apollo Brown, Black Milk, Big Ghost, Stu Bangas and other boom bap specialists. Hip Hop at its finest! Displaying high quality songs and content with wordplay and stories! ... more

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