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Poverty prisons where we was serving time
Turned to crime, an empty stomach use to hurt my side
Learned to grind no google I had to search my mind
The turf aint kind
A friend face ya first shirt design
Pay attention to red flags like a matador
My path was poor
Blood baths in the wrath of war
When they on ya poach with them mags
You can't slam the door
No witnesses, sometime that life lost is innocent
I was diligent where bags and pipes was the instruments
Where niggas a cross lines
Quicker then illegal immagriants
Them hungry nights I use to write
Made me this lyricist
Gave me this inner strength
This aint no video game you Cyberpunks
Life punch me wit the strength of a Zion dunk
Lounging where the lions hunt
Empty fridge when it was full
Filled with the filthy pigs
A nightmare cuz the OG's know you can't pinch the kids
Let me feed the kids

This just a spoon full of that real shit
You know what I'm saying
Incase you ever come into that fork in the road
Don't let that fly over ya head
Hope you copy that

The picture was black and white
Antenna's missing
Picture my face in the projects homie
It was written
No church choir could lift my spirit
Life was cutthroat
Im a lightskin nigga thats done playing just like Nutso
The inside of the ground got infinite real estate
Where meals is minimum
When we finish eating we would lick the plates
Savor the moment
Enter the brains of the bravest of soldiers
Street fighters are first fighters
Was over video game controllers
Raised as poachers
The stomach pain made of innovative
Now I'm in the lab with pen and paper
Burning sage I can hear the natives
I listen close as a kid I can hear the crawl of a roach
Two nights without eating
My story break the heart of ghost
I make music you vision just close ya eyes
I'm a capricorn, goat design how I approach the rhymes
No more smoking swine
Read how to eat to live
Knowledge and experience
Is what im here to leave the kids
Now let me feed the kids


from Fluorescent Mud Produced By Sebb Bash, released August 19, 2022


all rights reserved



Ty Farris Detroit

Ty Farris is one of the Top Tier lyricists in the underground hip hop wave. Producers such as Apollo Brown, Black Milk, Big Ghost, Stu Bangas and other boom bap specialists. Hip Hop at its finest! Displaying high quality songs and content with wordplay and stories! ... more

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