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Where's The Garbage Can?

from Fluorescent Mud Produced By Sebb Bash by Ty Farris


Ayo, picture painter that live in danger malicious neighbors
Visions tainted, visualize the villains faces
The deal with anger, aggressively heart rhythm changing
You talking tough, but German Rugers
Speak a different language
I point you out, I promise
I won't have to lift a finger
Im in the lab just imagine Jigsaw's living chambers
Take some listens to get the layers, what I pen on paper
Im from the mold where its consequnces if you late with bread
Punch a nigga, watch him wobble wobble and stanky leg
Wish me luck when im stomping I hope i break a leg
Or Scott Hall with the brawl, hit with the razors edge
I'm sick as the thoughts
While you running that run thru Jason's head
Well connected pull a couple strings like the Grateful Dead
Take the pledge to remain ill like I didn't take my meds
Higher learning knowing
Its a lot of Remy's that dont shave they head
Yall social media tough, my cloth is a different thread
Thats a fact nigga

We create the waves
Make sure we don't sound like nothing
A bunch of clones in a cipher tryna have a discussion
And im disgusted
You niggas trash where's the garbage can?
How dare you say these niggas is nice man
You should jump in the trash can with all yall fans nigga

Niggas ducking smoke like the house is on fire
Fresh kicks in your face like Ronda Rousey on the flyer
Im from the mud you niggas come from bubble baths
No troubled past, I was with crack dealers
Cutting class hustling bags
I'm in the jungle like David Attenborough
That's why my raps is thorough
With a bitch with ass and curves and classic curl
Ya chicks a freak like Stifler's mom, young Bishop Don
Itchy palms like when the Cavalier's picked Lebron
A sure bet, tours next, store reps
Look forward to what I record next
Think like Nike its just more checks
From doorsteps seen street war vets in gore-tex
Smiling as bullets tore flesh
I was torn but was born to be this narrator
Humbled and grounded I never air favors
Air Penny's in rare flavors
Once in a lifetime greatness how could you dare hate us
Unbelievable we international you regional

You niggas trash where's the garbage can?
How dare you say these niggas is nice man
You should jump in the trash can with all yall fans nigga
You should be endorsed by glad bags nigga
Get the fuck out my face


from Fluorescent Mud Produced By Sebb Bash, released August 19, 2022


all rights reserved



Ty Farris Detroit

Ty Farris is one of the Top Tier lyricists in the underground hip hop wave. Producers such as Apollo Brown, Black Milk, Big Ghost, Stu Bangas and other boom bap specialists. Hip Hop at its finest! Displaying high quality songs and content with wordplay and stories! ... more

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